If your calling is to work with dogs, become a Pet Spa Specialist, or lead the dog fashion and grooming industry in Canine Design, then PUCCI Pet Career Studios is the school for you! The Pucci Pet Career Program Offers three tiers of training and multiple options for the career of your dreams!

Tier-One: Spa T-1: Pet Spa Specialist 200 Hours

A dog bathed in natural aromatherapy shampoos, fluffed and dried to perfection provides the canvas for a beautifully finished style. A Pet Spa Specialist uses his or her skills to professionally prepare the canine coat for grooming; collaborating and providing support to Pet Style and Canine Design Specialists.

Spa 101 introduces the art of shampoo selection, aromatherapy, gentle handling, light massage with an emphasis on basic skills (claw trimming, bathing, drying, brushing caring for ears and anal glands).

Tier-Two: Style T-2: Pet Style & Spa Specialist 200 Hours
(Pre-requisite Spa T-1)

Beyond the basics, the Pet Style & Spa Specialist uses his or her skills to professionally finish a dog, applying simple, frequently requested styles. Spa T-2 focuses on basic clipper and scissoring skills, brushing and de-thatching, T-Touch, client relations skills and simple record keeping.

Tier-Three: Design T-3: Canine Design Specialist 200 Hours
(Pre-requisite Spa T-1 & Style T-2)

PUCCI Canine Design Specialists are accomplished in the pet styling arts, schooled in the etiquette of client relations, confident and fully prepared to meet the high standards of the pet fashion industry. Design T-3 focuses on advanced finishing technique (scissoring, hand thinning, stripping) pattern design, entrepreneurship, marketing, and management basics. On successful completion of Design T-3, students receive a Certificate of Graduation.

If you possess the desire, motivation and a love of dogs, PUCCI is where you belong!      Use the form below to receive more information!

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Career Program: Meets Tuesday through Saturday, 8AM - 4PM at PUCCI

2017 Class schedule:

  • March 7th
  • June 13th
  • September 12th

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